As they say, life is short. Some of us are literally short (yup, me!) but we are all given a number of days to live out on earth. We need to make the most of them, and that means we need to remove toxic people out of our lives. We simply can’t afford to waste our time with people who suck the life out of us.

There are those who have too much drama going on, and it’s overwhelming to get sucked into that kind of vortex. As a friend, we usually try to be empathetic, and listen and try to help, but when your health starts deteriorating or you’re stressed out, it’s time to remove yourself from that situation.


Most of us are on Facebook, and we have a lot of friends.  Some friends like drama. They write something really cryptic, or overly dramatic, just begging for people to ask them what’s wrong. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s mean, bitter, finger pointing posts on Facebook. If you have a problem with someone, call them up and talk to them about it – don’t air your grievances on Facebook. It shows what kind of person you are. What does your post like that say to me?  It says you are not the kind of person I want as a friend. Nothing will get you unfriended faster than someone who bashes other people, or curses incessantly. There is no need for that type of behavior, and there is no need for me to read such negativity.

There are friends who are always seeking the spotlight. You share a story, but they can’t simply just like it or love it, they have to post their own story, to top yours. I’m guilty of this sometimes myself. The story reminds me of something in my life, so I feel compelled to chime in with mine. Sometimes this is okay, but sometimes it is not, depending on what the topic is. Sometimes you just need to listen, read, and respond accordingly.


There are friends who bash religion. I am religious, so of course this offends me. Everyone has a right to their opinion, so just because I believe in God doesn’t mean they have to. But, I also don’t feel that just because you don’t believe in something that it makes it okay to bash it, make fun of it, and put people down. My biggest beef lately is people who continually bash thoughts and prayers. These are two of the most important things I covet. I need people to pray for me, I want people to think of me. Why people think it’s okay to bash Christians who offer this support is not okay with me. I don’t need that type of negativity, and since it’s important to me, that friendship has to go. I don’t need to see a “friend” who offends me with their posts every day.


There are those who voice their political opinions. That is fine, we are all allowed our opinion. If you talk to a room full of ten people on one subject, there will be ten different opinions. What I find unacceptable is name calling. Really? There is no need to resort to calling people names. You can have an opinion about their opinion, but to attack someone for their views is just wrong. Cruel. Run away from this type of person.


There are those who write snarky comments on a post. It amazes me the amount of posts I see that people write, “I’m so jealous”. How about saying, wow, I’m so happy for you! Why does it have to be about you being jealous? Jealousy produces all sorts of negative emotions. Even if you are joking, it’s not a funny joke. Jealousy means you are resenting their success, or feeing inferior, being spiteful, holding a grudge. That’s what being jealous means.

There are those who are sarcastic. Sarcasm is not funny. It is never funny. It is meant to sting, and to hurt. You cannot follow a sarcastic statement with “I was just kidding.” No you were not.


There are those who know everything. No matter what you post, you are wrong, and they will prove it to you.  There is no winning with this type of person.

I could go on, but you get the point. There are a LOT of toxic friends on Facebook, and they are on your friends list. Guess what – you can snooze them so you don’t have to see their posts unless you go to their page, or you can just remove them. You can be friends with someone – and NOT be friends on Facebook. It’s okay! You are allowed to limit your friend list. If they have a problem with that, then they are not a friend worth having, are they?!!!


Get rid of Facebook friends who offend you, cause drama, and are hurtful. You don’t need the daily self-inflicted torture of reading their offensive posts.

Trust me, once you clean up your friend’s list, the people left behind will be the ones who love you, care about you, and you know you can trust them to have your back.

Be the type of friend that people always want to have around.

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