It’s so wonderful to read stories and see articles that show us, the human race, being kind to one another. It’s a nice change from all the ugliness of the day’s depressing news. I know that when I’ve read stories, it has inspired me to do something nice for someone as well. Whether it’s giving someone money, or perhaps just slowing down a little and letting them in while driving a car, these things do happen to brighten our days.


Yes, it truly does. We can already be merrily on our way, but when we stop at the unmanned crosswalk for someone waiting to pass, and you get a grateful smile and a wave, it gives us a surge of joy. When we are shopping at Costco and have a full cart, and someone with one item is behind us, so we insist they go ahead of us, it gives us a warm fuzzy when they thank us profusely. Kindness always results in joyful feelings, it truly does.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to be kind. Even just holding the door open for someone, or the elevator when you see someone rushing towards us counts as kindness.


  • Pay for someone’s coffee behind you
  • Pay for someone’s lunch in the drive-thru behind you
  • Pay for someone’s items when they have forgotten their wallet
  • Let someone in during traffic
  • Let someone have your parking stall you’ve been waiting for
  • Give someone your umbrella
  • Smile and wave at someone who rudely cut you off
  • Buy someone groceries and drop it off
  • Buy a meal at any fast food and give it to a homeless person
  • Give a homeless person food vouchers
  • Donate groceries at your local supermarket, or food bank
  • Give someone a scratch and win with a “pay it forward card”
  • Mow your neighbour’s lawn as well as your own
  • Offer your services to someone who can’t afford to pay (IE piano lessons)
  • Write a thank you card to your postman, or FEDEX guy, or any delivery guy
  • Donate some money to a worthy charity
  • Tell the manager at a restaurant at how awesome your server was, and leave a big tip
  • Take some flowers from your garden and take to an elderly neighbour, or sick neighbour who doesn’t get out much
  • Give someone at your work a compliment every single day


  • Gives you a happy boost
  • Makes you feel important
  • It helps you see the bigger picture
  • Makes you healthier
  • Kindness helps build communities
  • Has a powerful effect on your immune system
  • It boosts your self-esteem
  • Giving truly is better than receiving!
  • It brings mutually shared joy
  • It brings hope to those who have lost trust in people


If you haven’t seen the movie, I would suggest having a watch!  It’s about a young child  (Haley Joel Osment) who does three good deeds for others, and all he asks is that they repay it to three people too, so it keeps going.  Watch it and let it inspire you today, and come up with your own list of what you can do.


I challenge you to find today a way to be kind to someone. It doesn’t have to be something on this list, maybe you’ve got some creative ideas yourself. Go forth, and be kind! See what you can inspire in someone else today! We all need love, we all need kindness, and it’s so EASY to share.

The difference you can make in someon’s life is PHENOMINAL! Don’t understimate the power of


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