The power of words

Words are powerful. Spoken words are even more powerful. Why? Because when we hear something, especially about ourselves, we believe it. They may be kind words, bad words, wrong words, mean words, or oops I didn’t mean to say that words, but they will all have an effect on us, the listener (receiver). You can literally destroy someone with words, which is why you should be so careful with what comes out of your mouth. Don’t forget the POWER of WORDS.


sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me

Not only sticks and stones WILL break our bones,  but names will destroy us. If only we could believe this nursery rhyme. We say it, chant it when someone calls us a name, but yet it has the opposite effect. Names DO hurt, and we are devastated. Name calling is a form of bullying. Some people never recover from the hurt from being ridiculed. If you are in a habit of being mean and calling people names, stop it right now. You are damaging another person’s self-esteem. Even though you may mean something in jest, let me assure you right now that it’s never funny. It’s never in jest. It’s ALWAYS hurtful. Break out of the habit, and if your children call other children names, nip it in the bud RIGHT NOW, and don’t ever let them get away with it. Obviously you’re not going to be around your children 24/7 but they need to know that it is completely unacceptable behavior, and that there will be consequences if they ever find out. (Obviously, you choose the consequence, and parents, FOLLOW THROUGH). So many kids have been damaged by classmates by bullying and name calling, we need to stop our children from this horrible habit. And if you do it as an adult? Shame on you. Stop it right now. Kids learn from their parents, and those parents who call people by racial slurs (I’m not even going to print any of them here because they are offensive) need to smarten up and learn some manners. Remember the golden rule: “do unto others, as you would have done unto you.” All of us are equal, and we all need to be treated with respect. Leave the nastiness out and don’t teach your children your bad habits. Teach your kids the power of words.


Before you speak, THINK:
is it true?
is it helpful?
Is it inspiring?
is it necessary?
is it kind?

Most of us (me included) just say things as we think them. The words just pop out. Or fall out. Or shout out. What we need to do is retrain ourselves to think about our words first. We can all show restraint, yes, we can. Don’t use the excuse that “you’ve always been this way since you were born so you can’t help it.” No. Not true. What you are saying and indicating by that is that you just don’t care, and you’re going to say what you want. How rude. When we are children, we learn to eat starting with a spoon, and gradually work our way up to a fork and knife. We have to learn coordination first. Well, words that come out of our mouth are like that too. When you’re a kid or toddler, you say what you think all the time. Some really funny truths come out of some kids mouths! But when we grow up, we should learn restraint. We should learn that words have impact. You can’t just say whatever you want whenever you want, without consequences. Try joking about having a bomb in your purse at the airport and see what happens. (No, really, don’t do that unless you want to be arrested). The point is, we need to remember there are consequences, and even if it isn’t the threat of jail, those consequences can ruin our relationships. It’s up to parents to train their children, so if you are a parent, don’t let this become a lax area. Train your child so they know what is acceptable, and what is not. Punish them for unacceptable behaviour.


children cannot reason

Now, please remember, kids cannot fully reason till around 12, so this isn’t going to happen until you have teenagers. Remember that, and don’t get mad at them, because they can’t help it. Don’t get into arguments about wearing a coat because it’s cold out. Don’t argue about why they should eat healthy. Give them choices, but never argue, because you will NEVER win. They just don’t have the capacity to be logical, or think sensibly yet. Their brain isn’t developed enough. Just a reminder – your child can learn right from wrong, but to grasp things logically and sensibly doesn’t happen until they’re much older, which is why many movies come with a PG13 label. Don’t get me started on parents who let their child watch shows that are too scary for them. It can scar them for life. They cannot tell what is real and what is not. Trust the labels, and understand that no matter how “grown up” you think your kid is and can handle it, no – they cannot. They are not developed enough. But let’s leave that for another blog post, shall we!


Words are powerful

Spoken words have the power to help and heal, to tear down and destroy, to hurt and harm, or humiliate or humble. Wow. Remember, once your words are spoken, they cannot be taken back, only forgiven. And just because it’s been forgiven doesn’t mean that the relationship will ever go back to what it was. It takes a very strong person to completely forgive, and never bring it up again.


Some people use sarcasm as wit. I’m here to tell you right now that sarcasm is never funny. Sarcasm is simply hostility disguised as humor. You can be funny and witty without being sarcastic. A sarcastic word or tone will ALWAYS come out as belittling. It will always come out with a sting or slap. Sarcasm is bullying. It’s never funny. Please get that in your head right now – sarcasm is NOT funny. It never will be. If you are sarcastic, why? Who hurt you so bad that you have to continually lash out at others in order to make yourself feel better? This is a terrible, nasty character flaw to have. If you are always sarcastic, you have to know that all of us probably don’t like you very much. We know that you just might hurt us with your words. We feel that we will never be good enough around you. We will probably avoid you after a few good stinging slaps. EEK! What to do if your parent is sarcastic to you? Well, you will grow up emotionally damaged, is what will happen. Parents, take a good look at yourselves. Are you being sarcastic? Are you harming your child with words? Do you realize how hurtful they are? Don’t just take it from me. Look up what happens to children who are on the receiving end of sarcasm. It’s not pretty. You can avoid it, by realizing that words harm, and words hurt, and SARCASM ALWAYS HURTS. Sarcasm will destroy any relationship faster than you can say fast. Work on eliminating sarcasm from your diet today, you will be so much healthier. And wait – you’ll even have more friends!


words of wisdom
  • Use your words wisely. Remember, they are powerful
  • Friends come, friends go, but the right ones stay
  • You are enough, even if you don’t feel like it
  • Failure is only when you don’t try
  • Random acts of kindness makes EVERYONE feel better
  • Live for what today has to offer, not what yesterday has taken away
  • Never look back, you’re not going that way
  • Overthinking kills happiness
  • Do not listen with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
  • Stop wishing, start doing
  • Be the BEST version of you
  • Be kind, always!


The most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.

Even though words are powerful, so is silence. And I’m not talking about ignoring someone. I’m talking about just not saying anything at all, when you don’t need to. If someone is rude to you, you don’t have to respond. That’s not ignoring someone, it’s just choosing to walk away from the situation. You do not have to react to every single conversation. You may need to think things over. You may have just been given an ultimatum. Don’t talk…think. Take your time. Make sure the response that comes out of your mouth is the correct one. Remember the power of words. We always want to rush, and jump in, and defend ourselves, but sometimes, it truly is in our best interests to just keep our mouths closed.

If you don't have anything nice to say, zip it


Be kind and polite to everyone

You know what? Even if you’re annoyed at someone, you can still choose to be kind with your words. You don’t have to mean. You don’t have to try to show you’re upset. Just choose kindness. This takes a whole lot of self-control, but once you’ve learned how to use that muscle, it will come easily to you. The more you use it, the kinder you’ll become. You never know how much you can change someone’s day by being kind, instead of getting mad. When someone cuts you off, smile and wave instead. If someone barges in front of you when you go to get gas, or when you’re in the parking lot at Costco and you’ve been waiting five minutes for a parking stall and someone cuts in from the other side:  Smile, and wave. You have no idea of what’s going on in their life. Maybe they are rushing to the hospital to visit a sick family member. The list could be endless. Just remember, everyone else has stress and yuck in their lives, and it doesn’t need to be made worse by someone who says something mean or nasty. Try showing empathy. Train yourself to come up for a scenario as to why you think they were just “rude” to you. Remember the power of words. And in doing so – you will end up being kind instead of angry. Guess what. Being kind to someone who doesn’t deserve it will make you feel great, and those positive endorphins will boost your day. Why would you choose to be mean, see the other person be hurt (or get angry) and then have to live with the yuck of that adrenaline in your body. Go for kind, it will change your life, and your outlook on life. Win the day with the power of words.

Become known as a KIND person with KIND words!

One kind word can change someone's entire day

Let your words be powerful in a positive way TODAY!

The power of words

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